Physiologic Dentistry In Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Physiologic Dentistry Barrie ON

Do you suffer from migraines, neck or facial pain on an ongoing basis? Do you hear popping sounds upon opening and closing your jaw? Have you been told that you may suffer from TMJ disorder (or TMD)?  How is your sleep quality? Did you know snoring can be a symptom of major health risks?

At Michael Robinson Dental Group we’re passionate about providing smiles that heal by offering leading education and technical skill sets learned at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry.

What is Physiologic Dentistry?

Physiologic dentistry studies the relationship between the muscles of the jaw, the jaw joint and the position of the teeth relative to the skull and neck. Misalignment in any of these areas has a direct effect on physiology of the whole system which can lead to a variety of problems from migraines, chronic sleep issues to ringing in the ears or grinding of the teeth – symptoms which can impact your quality of life and deteriorate your smile.

Our compassionate team can explain the methods and procedures involved in physiologic dentistry. We can also show you how science and technology work together to:

  1. Respect physiology
  2. Measure physiology and,
  3. Support physiology to further heal symptoms.

Treatment may include modern oral appliances or orthodontics, to restoring your teeth to their resting position through complete smile design using the latest technology and measures.

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